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Eisenhower Fellowships
Philadelphia International Leadership Initiative

Eisenhower Fellowships is a Philadelphia-based non-profit organization that has fostered international understanding and professional exchange through the sharing of information, ideas, and perspectives among emerging leaders throughout the world for over 50 years. The program consists of emerging leaders from the US and abroad. In the US, Eisenhower Fellows are recruited from four areas, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Research Triangle North Carolina, and New England. The Philadelphia Initiative’s primary goal is to benefit the Philadelphia area economically, socially, and culturally by developing the skills and global perspectives of emerging leaders. Over the past decade, 32 emerging leaders from the Philadelphia region have had the unique opportunity to gain international perspectives, connect with foreign leaders in their professional fields, and discover innovative solutions to local policy issues. They continue to exchange ideas and build life-long relationships. For most of the Philadelphia Fellows, the Eisenhower experience is not only a professional journey abroad, but also a self-reflective voyage that allows time to examine who they are as emerging leaders while re-energizing and often re-focusing their personal and professional lives.

Press Announcement: Three Philadelphian Social Innovators Awarded Eisenhower Fellowships

Eisenhower Fellows of Philadelphia

  • Timothy Boyle, Partner, KPMG LLP
    Traveled to Ireland and the United Kingdom (2005)
  • Daniel Castro, Captain, Philadelphia Police Department
    Traveled to the United Kingdom (2001)
  • David Castro, President and CEO, Institute of Leadership Education, Advancement and Development; CEO, Center for Community Interest
    Traveled to Turkey (2002)
  • Della Clark, President, The Enterprise Center
    Traveled to Central Europe (2002) and Ireland (2004)
  • Diane Dalto, Chair, Pennsylvania Arts Council
    Traveled to Central Europe (2000)
  • Jim Eisenhower, Partner, Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP
    Traveled to the United Kingdom and Ireland (2002)
  • Donna Frisby-Greenwood, Director, Office of College and Career Awareness, Philadelphia School District
    Traveled to Turkey (2003)
  • Jane Golden, Executive Director, City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program
    Traveled to Ireland (2003)
  • Greg Goldman, CEO, Digital Impact Group
    Traveled to Thailand (2003) and China (Taiwan) (2004)
  • Anne Gordon, Partner, Dubilier & Co.
    Traveled to Finland and Sweden (2001)
  • Tine Hansen-Turton, CEO, National Nursing Centers Consortium/VP, Public Health Management Corporation
    Traveled to Singapore and New Zealand (2005)
  • Gail Harrity, President & COO, Philadelphia Museum of Art
    Traveled to China, China (Taiwan), and Hong Kong (2002)
  • Keisha Hegamin Jordan, Executive Director, Computers for Youth--Philadelphia
    Traveled to New Zealand and Australia (2003
  • David Hyman, Managing Partner, Kleinbard, Bell & Brecker, LLP
    Traveled to Central and Western Europe (2002)
  • Felix James, Esq., President & CEO, Ready-or-Not, LLC, 2005 ACE INA Education Fellow
    Traveled to Turkey and Jordan (2005)
  • Loree Jones, Co-Executive Director, City Year of Greater Philadelphia
    Traveled to South Africa (2007)
  • Sharon Kershbaum, Assistant Director, Office of Contracting and Procurement, Government of the District of Columbia
    Traveled to New Zealand (2003)
  • Thomas Lussenhop, Principal, OFH LLC
    Traveled to Turkey (2001)
  • Nancy McGinley, Chief Academic Officer, Division of Student Learning Services, Charleston County School District and 2002 ACE INA Education Fellow
    Traveled to Australia and New Zealand (2002)
  • Christine Massey, Research Associate, Director of Education Outreach, Institute for Research in Cognitive Science, University of Pennsylvania and 2001 ACE INA Education Fellow
    Traveled to Australia and New Zealand (2001)
  • Diane Melley, Director, Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs, IBM Corporation
    Traveled to European Union and Ireland (2001)
  • Wanda Mial, Executive Director, Women’s Christian Alliance
    Traveled to Ireland (2002)
  • John Osborn, Member, US Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy
    Traveled to Ireland (1998)
  • Aaron Posner, Artistic Director, Two River Theatre
    Traveled to Central Europe (2001)
  • Robert Powelson, Commissioner, Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission
  • Traveled to Singapore and Australia (2005)
  • Pedro Ramos, Managing Principal, OnPoint Public & Private Solutions LLC & Partner, Trujillo Rodriguez & Richards, LLC
    Traveled to France (2000)
  • Maitreyi Roy, Vice President for Programs, The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
    Traveled to Germany, Spain, & the European Union (2007)
  • Rick Sauer, Executive Director, Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations
    Traveled to Australia and New Zealand (2007)
  • Sister Mary Scullion, Executive Director, Project H.O.M.E.
    Traveled to Central and Western Europe (2002)
  • David Thornburgh, Executive Director, Fels Institute of Government, University of Pennsylvania
    Traveled to Australia and New Zealand (2000)
  • Nicholas Torres, President, Congreso de Latinos Unidos, Inc.
    Traveled to Argentina & Chile (2008)
  • Kimberly Turner, Chief of Staff, Office of State Rep. Dwight Evans and 2004 ACE INA Education Fellow
    Traveled to China and China (Taiwan) (2005)
  • Steven D. Welch, Co-Founder, DreamIt Ventures
    Traveled to China, China (Taiwan), and Singapore (2009)